What you will find here is the beginning of a new journey, the like of which has not been possible since adventurers from Christopher Columbus to Marco Polo trod the length and breadth of our small planet.

We curious humans look at the sky, and ask ourselves this question: Are we alone in the universe?

The answer is maybe not somewhere besides the stars...


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The Astral World


The Astral World

All human mythologies have left behind stories of adventure involving extraordinary creatures invisible to the human eye. The storytellers come from every age and every place, but they all describe the creatures in the same way.

Technology now allows us to understand this enigma.

Our universe is divided in two. We live in the Physical World. On the other side is the Astral World. It is intangible, hidden, and yet very real. This world, through its rare contacts with ours, has inspired tales and legends since the dawn of time.


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The Astral World's ecosystem consists of all sorts of creatures. They live on the ground, in the water or in the air and are unknown to us. Each species lives in precise areas where the climate fits its needs.

Biologically, they are classified into families we refer to as "Orders". The Orders are based on the form, habitat, and genetic characteristics of the creatures.

Some creatures live in particular Atral World's areas, but others are constrained to specific locations in the Physical World by natural, cultural, or historic forces - for instance, in big cities, lakes, volcanoes, or ruins. We call these "Semi-Astral Creatures". Semi-Astral Creatures can only be detected in the place they are attached to and, therefore, are very rare.


Learn about the areas



Like the first sailors exploring the seas, the first explorers of the Astral World attempted to map the lands they had discovered. Therefore, the Astral World's surface is partitioned into different land types and areas, each of which has its own ecosystem and natural conditions. Even though Astral's reliefs coincide roughly with terrestrial ones, each Astral area has a beauty of its own.

Our Physical World and the Astral World operate in distinct dimensional spaces that do not move at the same speed. Therefore a point in our world can be parallel to different places in the Astral World at different times.

Some explorers have claimed that there are unknown places in the Astral World that are very hard to find. However, the failure of other explorers to corroborate these "legendary areas" have led the majority of the scientists to doubt their truthfulness.


Discover the Opticale


The Opticale

After years of experimenting, experts have devised a technology capable of crossing the barrier that separates the two Worlds. The result of this research is a single device that can be slipped in a pocket : the Opticale.

The Opticale uses geolocation to explore the Astral World, a parallel universe to our Physical World, with the goal of discovering the creatures living there.

The Opticale, for iPhone and Android, uses smartphone technology in a completely new way. With it, players can interact with the world around them and take part in their own personal adventure.

With the Opticale, it is now possible, for those who have the courage, to explore the mysteries of new fantastic lands.