Connection to the Astral World in progress…


What you will find here is the beginning of a new journey

the like of which has not been possible since adventurers, from Christopher Columbus to Marco Polo, put their feet on every piece of land that our world has to offer.

Prepare to live an adventure between two worlds

They talked about it

Technology now allows us to understand this enigma.

Our universe is divided in two.

On one side our world, the Physical World and on the other, the Astral World, an intangible counterpart of our reality. Hidden yet very real, the Astral World has inspired tales and legends since the beginning of time through rare contact with ours.

Like navigators of the ancient seas,

the first explorers of the Astral World tried to map the countries that were revealed to them through their screens.

The Astral World

has particular environments, usually of extraordinary beauty, each with its own natural conditions and bestiary.

Although some of the astral territories have been discovered,

it seems some areas are extremely difficult to find. Some say they have discovered places that have never been found again. Nobody ever knew if these “Legendary Area” really existed, or if they were just a figment of the story tellers’ imagination.

After years of experimenting

experts have created a technology capable of crossing the Astral barrier that separates our two Worlds. The result of this research is a single device that can be slipped in a pocket: The Opticale

The Opticale

for iOS and Android, uses smartphone technology in a new way. With Opticale, players can interact with the world around them and take part in their own adventure.

it is now possible, for those who have the courage, to explore the mysteries of new fantastic lands and search for mythical creatures being there.

Download Opticale on Android and iOS

"To urgently test if you like out of the ordinary adventures! Mature, epic, immersive and galvanising."

"The developed world and the very careful realisation of the Furinkazan studio promises great things."

"The illustrations of the monsters are superb, the descriptions are evocative, a great success."

"A complete fantasy world, with great graphics and a fascinating story."

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